We excel in AI-solutions which help optimize supply chains.







We are capable of consuming data from any system and most formats in a rapid way allowing for a self-running data-lake system. This consumes and then provides back to the business strategy, risk reduction, savings in errors and increases in productivity. The NEURAL data solutions can enrich and unify jargon and slang which is present inside the supply chain.

When data is processing we are able to see key insights and present targets for optimization. These can range from increases in specific areas of Purchasing / Procurement and extend into finance with risk reduction on misaligned tariff calculations or up to a more strategic level with supplier/vendor strategies.

We do this while protecting your SAP, Oracle, QAD, NetSuite ERP/MRP and MES systems. Without any disruption of costly deployment plans we can work inside the systems networks and get the results into the business with the existing systems when needed.

We work in a specific way and keep the Enterprise connected and informed through customer tools which show up as secure applications on mobile devices, desktop or kiosks in studios onsite.


We break down the possible benefits into categories:

  • Increased revenue

  • Reduced or recovered time (in and around supply chain activities)

  • Reduced costs (we mitigate OpEx and do not add to CapEx)

  • Reduced or adjusted resources (roles are positioned in more beneficial ways)

  • Competitive advantage (you produce more with less costs/time)

  • Reduced risk (we correct errors which occur at 5-15% on avg)


  1. Modernize your control and information systems to minimize downtime, support compliance, and address quality, safety, and security

  2. Capitalize on the data available in a connected enterprise to improve quality management and meet regulatory requirements

  3. Follow the lead of best-in-class manufacturers by addressing safety in three crucial areas: culture, compliance, and capital

  4. Employ a comprehensive security approach to protect against the ever-growing threat landscape of today

  5. Trace ability in supply chain processes with materials flows

  6. Real-time monitoring and sharing of key performance indicators (KPIs) so that staff — senior executives down through frontline employees — can identify problems and resolve issues before they escalate or even occur. You cannot improve what you don’t measure.

  7. Incorporate customer-demand information and/or supplier performance data (e.g., late deliveries, out-of-stocks) as they happen to trigger revised production scheduling, staffing changes, procurement alternatives, etc

  8. Supply-chain planners and purchasing managers now rely on an array of vendors from around the world, complicating management of lead times, quality, and cost control (e.g., additional staff time to work with distant suppliers, inventory carrying costs, obsolete materials due to overstocking, etc.)



As the company processes flow. So do the materials, labor and risk. We initially capture this using our proprietary Smart-Data lake solution to gain insights on locations to invest for fastest ROI.

If the start of your process is Engineering design or with many suppliers Quotation/RFQ we tap into these data sources and formats to extract value.


We use our own tools which we built that provide us competitive advantage. This allows us to gracefully bring you into the A.I. journey and provide time to educate and unify behind a vision.

Our Smart-Data Lake solution is the worlds leading means to consume and provide back value throughout the organization. is an example of such a technology which transforms pain into progress in a very rapid way.

  1. We can consume your data formats and pipeline all into a NEURAL filter process

  2. We sort and filter non-connected or orphaned data which does not match. ROI 30 days

  3. We send the data into what we call a Smart processor and solve today about 15-20 issues

    • Language, Syntax, Jargon, Slang, Format, Codes (assignments) etc ROI 60 days

  4. We have a way to pipeline into a central lake or feed back into the business (SAP, Oracle, QAD, Sharepoint, PLM, ERP etc)

  5. We have a lowered cost of processing data. 24 hrs a day the business value accessible when or as needed.