Hard To Locate Items | Details Missing | Duplicate Records

Gain access to the key data you need, make crucial spend decisions and more. Once you have access to all of your materials, you can begin to re-focus lost time on strategy and spend measures which you intended on doing.

  • Safe, Global access for the company to gain insights and control. Your accurate private materials catalog.

  • Growing, 24 hours a day by Artificial Intelligent agents looking for real alternatives, better data, more knowledge.

  • Live, real-time data sourced from all possible locates, curated specific for your categories. .

Supplier Management: Spend | Comparison | Market | Metrics/KPIs

Have a new strategic way to negotiate and track risky suppliers. Get more stability by knowing who are your key partners and who needs improvement. These insights will you and your team to be more proactive and be in control. Use the new insights and knowledge to drive down costs naturally with healthy competition.

Inventory: Knowledge | Flexibility | Risk | Liability

Allow the business to operate at light-speed and make changes when it needs. We track all materials 24 hours a day globally, looking for potential counterparts, duplicates and incomplete historical reference.

  • Create new item masters, let the system suggest which duplicates or alternates could be obsolete.

  • Let the system deal with the duplicates, excess and obsolesce.

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Our business case covers these key areas.

  • Financial (Cost Benefit Analysis, Treasury post implementation)

  • Technology (Plan, Milestones, Transformation steps, Risk assessment)

  • Marketing (Advantages, Differentiation, Market impact potential)