Machine Intelligence Helps The Entire Company Achieve More

We believe in being better, challenging convention, and always evolving. Each of our team members provides a set of unique capabilities that enhance our potential as we set our sights on larger and more complex solutions.

The Values That Hold Us to a Higher Standard.

We deal with human capital every day. Our decisions not only affect ourselves but others around us. Having these standards provides us a set of beacons that help us navigate today and into the future.



Doing what we say without harm to others.


Welcoming ideas and points of view outside that of our own.


Being transparent about the state of tasks and outcomes


Striving to meet or beat the top level of potential quality.

Our History. Founded based on a mission to bring Machine Learning into the business.

We deal with human capital every day. Our decisions not only affect ourselves but others around us, today and into the distant future.


Testing our machine learning thesis in healthcare, we had exhausted all available technologies present and were left with findings that allowed only well-funded government organizations an opportunity to advance towards early-Artificial Intelligence.


Technologies evolved enough to bring our mission of an A.I centric platform that would help us test and prove our earliest thesis. Human-based networks; could reach higher productivity with increased quality while decreasing risk to the data (business data) which they are integrated with.


After two years of in-depth research, study, and development. Neural launched Radix. An autonomous application development framework which allowed our research to evolve more rapidly and not impede our "partners".


Built our Go-To-Market plan in concert with concluding use case studies with (and inside) over 32 different Contract Manufacturers with revenue between $150M to $35B annually. This provided us a roadmap to begin to incubate our Artificial Intelligence systems inside businesses globally.


Concluded successful studies and pilot programs inside global corporations that further provided us insights on how to evolve further. Both our bespoke methodologies and technologies evolved. Integration between middleware platforms helping with analytics.