What does intelligence look like?

Intelligence is in the eye of the beholder.

Far on the outskirts of what most of us consider "bleeding-edge", our journey has taken us in the deepest chasms of technology. This forced us to live within a level of technology which is mostly misunderstood and ever more difficult to explain. The research and experimentation started over 20 years ago solving our clients productivity. Doing this globally and in so many business segments provided us a key head-start on everyone. NEURAL is the accumulation of business consulting, software design/development, algorithm design and workflows. In the worlds largest companies. And the ones you have never heard about.

Bridging the gap

We learned through hundreds of corporate initiatives what works and doesn’t work. We have designed, built and deployed rather usual tools and platforms along the way. However, our current journey bringing machine intelligence into the business workflow has given us great lessons learned. Our success speaks for itself as you will begin to witness what can be solved.

They say defeat and errors bring the highest experience and this is true. 

Some of our firsts:

  • Modular Intranet Platform, 1997 to compete with Site Server.

  • Distance Education Platform, in Swedish, Distance Utbildning For Framtid.

  • Streaming video service (Microsoft Theater Server).

  • Rapid Expansion Routines, practiced in Europe and Asia.

  • ERP Data Center Consolidation Roadmap, for Fortune 5000 companies.

  • Radix v2.1, Fully embedded algorithm design and run time engine.

  • Medical claims processing algorithm, Medicare, Major Insurance Carriers.

Artificial Intelligence is more than computer science, business acumen and the psychology of behavior. It is multi-domain, tedious and elegant when working as planned.

However as some struggle to find a footing in presentation and approach, we find ourselves years ahead and with more capabilities than anyone could imagine.

We hope that you want to join us on this journey.



Mark Swartz