We update millions of items, improve functionality, source raw materials, locate inventory so you no longer have these problems.


File Format Errors | Missing Requirements | Near Obsolete Inventory

These problems cost the quotation, program and change management teams millions of dollars per year in lost time, errors and negative supply chain sentiment.

The activities for BOM quotation, Re-Quote or Change Request from start to finish can extend over 12 activities, across three departments and often time-zones. To complete this with the highest level of quality and optimization takes dedicated experienced persons who have engineering backgrounds, can communicate across teams and get the supply base to present favorable terms.

BOM Levels Missing | Manufacturing Changes | Materials Corrections

OEM | Supplier relationships hinge on the speed at which each entity can review and correct errors. Frustration sets in when you cannot because you are locked into a rigid PLM or lower quality, old BOM tool. When you can make the correction it finally goes into a lengthy change routine, more emails and phone calls.

On average the cost of a single change is 1 hr per role involved, under the most productive measurements. Not to mention the lost time to get the change into the product revision.

Change Delays | Slow RFQ | Frequent Revisions

You are part of a large scale design, engineering team and you want to gauge the design-cost impact but cannot unless you export and send through the sales channels. Or you have an NPI and just want to get more revisions into a new build for highs customer satisfaction.

These problems decrease time to market, decrease crucial improvements and stifle or stop creativity. The cost to the business is based on the lost opportunities or risk in compliance.