Neural Corporation Launches A.I. Tariff Assistant

Neural Corporation Launches Artificial Intelligent Tariff Assistant As World’s First.

For Immediate Release : PALO ALTO, Calif. – Jan 24th, 2019 9:00 AM PDT –

NEURAL CORPORATION announced the premiere of the worlds first Artificial Intelligence Tariff Assistant. The Tariff complexity and often ambiguity will increase month over month as emerging markets and sovereign countries challenge the World Trade Organization. As this happens the United States will build out the code base to accommodate the demand for more specific tariffs and NEURAL CORPORATION wanted to help de-risk and remove the burden for corporations.

NEURAL CORPORATION, emerging from stealth mode chose the NEURAL Tariff Assistant as one of its first Go-To-Market systems. The Company has NEURAL Surrogates (SM) agents installed on both ends of the supply chain already in Fortune 100 OEM, and Top 50 contract manufacturing companies, and reproducing work faster and more accurately. As a  natural extension of our A.I. capabilities to help assign and locate more accurate codes before the risk occurs, with fines and penalties, NEURAL moved forward to solve the challenge.

NEURAL Surrogates (SM) are customized solutions applied to complex and intricate business segments where differentiation matters and constantly updating a growing history of reducing manufacturing materials costs of good sold (MCOGs) and lowering manufacturing S,G&A. The Company is in discussions with vendors and other strategic and operational roles as it expands deeper into manufacturing supply chains, worldwide.

Language, Codes And Nuance

“We found an opportunity to redirect one of our A.I.s systems we call NINA after we saw the potential risk to a new client. At that moment we performed a deeper analysis and realized the problem was extremely similar to a Healthcare use case we had almost 10 years prior”, says NEURAL CEO Mark Swartz.

“This is often a byproduct of our core contract with clients. We are solving something seemingly more complex and delicate while our data lake processing system uncovers flaws somewhere. We feel obligated to bring the risks to our corporate sponsor, which leads us to evolve the A.I. systems further in one direction or another”, adds Swartz.

30 Minute Webcast (World Premiere) Thursday, January 24, 9:00 AM PDT

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Forward-Looking Statements

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About NEURAL Corporation

Neural Corporation is the Artificial Intelligence productivity systems provider. Neural helps Manufacturers decrease indirect labor costs while multiplying the newly transformed automated efficient workforce. Using Neural's bespoke systems and services, Neural provides measurable and meaningful transformation with use of its proprietary methodology tried and tested during incubation in some of the largest global companies.

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