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Active Product Change Notification

Works with SAP, Oracle, Siemens, Epic, QAD, Salesforce...
Integrates with ERP, PLM, HRM and CRM systems.



Product change notifications configured to recipients.


Change notices based on urgency, importance drive better reaction timeliness.


Real-time messaging texts, emails, or directly into PLM, HRM.


Changes to product BOM/engineering changes are flagged when risk and discrepancies occur.

Stop Down-Time. Reduce Supply Chain Risk.

Risk #1


Avoid costly production downtime. Achieve higher productivity and efficiencies.
Risk #2

Info Gaps

Access more relevant and timely information and insights allowing pro-active supply chain decision-making.
Risk #3


Stay ahead of supply chain bubbles. No more hasty product design changes or scrambling with engineering running changes.
Risk #4


Avoid financial restatement reporting and enjoy more revenue recognition with earlier, and deeper, inventory insights, and more thorough analysis.

Are you missing product change notices? Quickly identify and analyze component events in real-time and resolve sooner.

Today’s engineering and manufacturing environments demand rapid notification of product change (PCN), product discontinuance (PDN), and end-of-life (EOL) notices from component manufacturers to maintain a healthy supply chain. NEURAL-PCN provides access to critical manufacturer notices delivered to you immediately for parts in your company Approved Vendor List (AVL). Users quickly triage critical manufacturer notices to assess their impacts and prioritize any required resolutions.

In today’s rapidly changing supply chains, it can be difficult to keep up with changes to electronic and electro-mechanical components used in your products. Companies typically have incomplete information about components they use including partial part numbers and older manufacturer names. NEURAL-PCN meets component management challenges head-on by continuously monitoring your AVL, delivering daily summaries of manufacturer-published notices potentially impacting parts on your AVL, and giving you the ability to quickly identify high impact notifications so you can maintain a healthy supply chain.

How It Works.

A PCN enters your business in several ways. In every case, NEURAL-PCN thoughtfully reviews each and routes them to the correct persons. Our platform is extensible and fully adaptable to SAP, ORACLE, SIEMENS, PTC, QAD based systems.



Custom actions for your business workflows.


The service learns to route and can adjust.
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Changes are solved sooner and proven with analytics.
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Integrate with ERP, HRM, PLM