NEURAL Data-Ocean

NEURAL Data-Ocean

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NEURAL Data-Ocean is an all encompassing Data-lake solution which will consume business data and provide it back how you wish it to be.

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NEURAL Data-Ocean

A NEURAL AI-solution which will consume your data and provide a complete structured data source for all of your data.

We began the process with an Assessment and feedback which would require an estimated 2 hrs of any technical team members.

We would provide feedback prior to starting with a percentage of correlation and likelihood that we would provide a complete and useful data solution. If we find that it will meet the success metrics stated we will move ahead and begin.

Whats Included:

  • We provide all software and hardware required o achieve the data solution.

  • We provide all staffing for the solution

  • We deliver to you in a format you required the data.

Whats Not Included:

  • Monthly fees for access or churn of the data

  • Monthly fees for additional data insights or pollination

End results:

  1. A complete and structured data set with mapping documents and live mapping online.

  2. Your data analytics team will be trained during two 1 hour webinars how to use it.