Step 2 - Business Case

Step 2 - Business Case

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We will perform an overview of your business and deliver for you the following deliverable specific to your business area, and region.

  1. Breakdown covering the current status, forecast and projection of potential per quarter.

  2. Detailed formulas stating the assumptions and roles which would be affected

  3. SOW (Statement of work) stating the cost benefit analysis

  4. Risk assessment showing the potential areas where focus and buy-in are necessary

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STEP 1 - Assessment | Business Case

We start with clearing out the goals and what is possible. To do so we need to invest one to two weeks making certain what we plan on doing is possible and what are the savings.

This detailed business case can be used to help socialize the potential and gain some internal traction, buy-in and overall energy.

How It Works:

  1. We contact you and walk you through what we will be doing and agree on a timeline.

  2. We will set dates and use as minimal internal time so not to decrease your productivity.

  3. At the end of the assessment we will deliver a draft copy to our sponsor and gauge where you may wish us to go a little deeper. If it is suitable as it is we will commit it with the forecast and statement of work.

Next Steps:

If you and your colleagues find it acceptable or wish to decrease the scope we would meet and perform a pruning exercise where we would back out some initiatives thus adjusting the savings. That new version is re-submitted with an updated forecast and risk assessment.