Speeding up every part of the businesses workflow where the word MATERIALS is introduced means you will ultimatly help other functional groups.

Lets use a design phase through to manufacturing.

As you begin to innovate, design or simply revise. You are in an essence alteribg the future of many people. This is conceived by this example.

Take a 4-year old water heater. Now a crucial assembly or single part is out of production. You are un-aware of this material shortage maybe until service / demand is realized down in the supply chain. Now you have to rapidly locate an equviaent, get it into the revision and new E-BOM to M-BOM, Purchasing and Procurement are all on there heals racing to locate a fair price and good lead-times. Then you have to get to the supply manufacturer and get them to revise production runs, retool or worse.

This is partialy an impossible problem if it were not for systems who would monitor for suspect materials 24/7

Consider having this same issue after Nina and Smith have been able to begin to locate alternatives.

When you arrive inside your Design tool you could be presented with alternatives. These alternatives may even already be past an approval phase where Purchasing has reviewed them and approved them.

You would have a compatible alternative with its Solid-works (metadata) so it could plug in when wanted.

Output of acceptance of this in a design further verify s it as a Engineering selected material.

What happened was you were presented with a Problem like before, but did not necessarily need to spend additional effort locating an alternative.

Also, newer components maybe hidden in the supply channels simple because you do not have time to locate. And no one has time to source.

The extra hands, eyes and ideas can be from a system.